The Grand Maturity Exam of Knowledge about Watches

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Matura (orginal)

Ladies and gentlemen,

"Grand Maturity of Knowledge about Watches" organized by the Logo and Watches and Passion Magazines in cooperation with the media group of Czasoholicy" took place on 25/05/2019 in Warsaw.

It was the first event of such type in Poland and we as the organizers of the AuroChronos Festival had the opportunity and undoubted honor to take an active part in it.

Maciek was invited to sit on the jury of the competition among other prominent members.


Marcin Kasprzak - Editor-in-Chief of the Logo Magazine

Maciej Kopyto - Editor in Chief of Magazyn Zegarki i Pasja

Bogusław Kocerba - Administrator of the facebook group "Czasoholicy"

Jarosław Koziej - SWATCH Group

Maciej Mazurkiewicz - originator and co-founder of the AuroChronos Festival

Paweł had the pleasure and honor to give a lecture under the title "Alternative in a Pill - What is Worth Knowing About Independent Watchmaking", which you can see in full on the YouTube channel under the link:

We also invite you to read some more on the event:,161375,24834412,zakonczyla-sie-wielka-matura-z-wiedzy-o-zegarkach.html,161375,24837806,wywiad-z-piotrem-tatarem-zwyciezca-wielkiej-matury-z-wiedzy.html

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