Welcome to our new website! We hope you enjoy it as much as our Shadow IT Shaolin Master that has built it. 

As you can see, not only our website is new… Let us formally invite you to AuroChronos Festival 2022 at MONOPOLIS.

It is our privilege and honour to invite you to the International Festival of Independent Watch Brands AuroChronos, which will be held again in 2022 Lodz, Poland.

Some of you might already know that this international event is the work and brainchild of two friends – an oncologist
and a translator, business trainer and a marketer who were not associated with the industry on a daily basis.
Our fascination with watches and the search for individuality, craftsmanship and attention to detail have opened us
to the world of independent watch brands. We discovered that these companies, few years ago, were virtually unavailable on the Polish market or known only to a narrow audience. Additionally, in the sphere of marketing and presentation of these amazing watches we were far behind. We began to look for ways to draw more attention to these unique companies, not only on the Polish market, but also at the international level.
This way, in September 2017, the first edition of AuroChronos Festival was created.

This year we invite you to MONOPOLIS, which in an exceptional way combines different areas and activities. Alongside office space, which offers superior working comfort, there are spaces for cultural events, leisure and relaxation. It is an inspiring and friendly place. It is open to the inhabitants of Łódź, and from this year onwards, also to the entire watch community from Poland, Europe and the whole world.

AuroChronos Festival is the only such event in Poland and one of few in the world that brings together in one place traditional masters of watchmaking, independent artists and family watch companies from around the world.

We would like to warmly encourage you to take an active part in this international event and secure your place as an Exhibitor. We believe that a small journey through our website or a quick chat with us will help you decide to support and be part of our event.

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