About Lodz
About Lodz

Where better to showcase your brand than in Lodz, a city of modern technologies, creative enterprises and grand events? It is a metropolis where a landscape of industrial architecture mixes with the silhouettes of office buildings, production halls, culture and sports buildings.
Lodz offers a number of entertainment and recreation venues. Piotrkowska street, Europe’s longest pedestrian street, rates as one of Poland’s most famous party places with plenty of pubs and clubs and various events and celebrations taking place. Those who like green areas can spend their time in one of over 30 parks or go to Łagiewniki - the biggest urban wood in Europe. Moreover, the famous film school has nurtured the talent of Polański, Wajda and Kieślowski.
The city continues to change at a rapid pace, attracting business with investors discovering the hidden beauty and investment opportunities and appreciating its central location, fast transit connections to Warsaw and its investor-friendly policy.

Welcome to Lodz!

Please have a look at some videos that present Lodz:


Don’t invest in Lodz…. If you like to stay behind.



Expo 2022 – Promo Video



Lets take a fantastic trip over Lodz



They went to Lodz…



Lodz Airport - Promo Video




About the Venue

Expo-Lodz is a modern multi-purpose facility located in the heart of the city. This place is purpose-built for a variety of professional events. It is the perfect place for all sales-related activities, to present your business, build relations and for networking. These popular and well-liked facilities in Lodz offer the highest quality event space for individual arrangement. It hosts the most important industry events, business meetings, training sessions, conferences, seminars but also unique entertainment and competitions for fashion, dance, concerts, festivals and performance events. We believe that the quality of services offered by Expo-Lodz and the atmosphere created by exhibitors, sponsors, the AuroChronos Festival team and, above all, by the visitors, will make this event unforgettable.

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