Our team
Our team
Maciej Mazurkiewicz – a professional doctor specializing in oncology. He works in a large hospital in Lodz. An open and smiling extrovert who has an innate gift of persuasion. A charismatic man whose enthusiasm is infectious. He dislikes dishonest people and does not understand those with no sense of humour. An active and ardent "Czasoholik" who in the group keeps expanding his watchmaking knowledge, co-organizes meetings or simply draws inspiration.


Paweł Zalewski – a translator and lecturer with over 13 years of experience in business training. His work has bound him to Warsaw, although in the few free moments, he embarks on closer and further fishing trips in the country and abroad. An open person who clings to people. Yet he is equally eager to relax in solitude reading various books over a cup of strong and aromatic "little black coffee". He loves to start his day with a traditional wet shave. Above all, he's a limitless optimist and a sincere person, sometimes a bit too honest, who values individuality and uncommonness.


Their shared passion for watches, respect for independence and love for uncommon things have resulted in the birth of an idea to create something unique and original. Many years of friendship have enabled the idea to quickly take shape and turn into a crazy adventure - the creation of the AuroChronos Festival. At work, Maciej and Paweł mutually motivate and complement each other. That is why, the watch community will probably gain from their common work as they have permanently erased the word "impossible" from their dictionaries.
Aurochonos Sp. z o.o.
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Maciej Mazurkiewicz
+48 601 940 211
Paweł Zalewski
+48 730 940 920

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