We present to you the AuroChronos Festival. The name of the festival is a blend of two words and it expresses the core values we would like to convey to you.

Aurochs - a large, strong and wild animal, whose posture aroused respect. It represents not only the strength, freedom and persistence needed to break through in the modern watch market, but it also symbolises the rebirth of sentiment for watches and craftsmanship in creating uniqueness and the exceptional character of the brands.

The Greek god Chronos is the personification of time and the symbol of creation. Its attribute - an hourglass is a symbol of the passage of time. For us, it means time to return to the roots, traditions of small independent manufactories with unique style and individuality, which in today's reality can harmoniously co-exist with the largest in the industry.

The world of wrist watches has been dominated by large capital groups of the watch industry for many years. We respect these brands and admire their achievements. We understand, however, that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and therefore it is virtually impossible to cater to the needs and tastes of all consumers with universal solutions on a large scale.

Therefore, we would like to appreciate the fact that independent creators, being close to users and responding to their needs and expectations, can offer their clients truly unique designs, and we value this uniqueness. We also admire and support those companies that started as small,independent manufactures, and despite the development and reaching great sizes remained in the hands of one family or returned after many years to the hands of businessmen-enthusiasts.

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