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(…) a really, really cool experience (..) I really felt the passion driving everyone there and this is what I prefer – fresh and inspiring enthusiasm”.

Mark Andre Deschoux

The WatchesTV

Poland has been on a constant upward bound economic arc for many years now and I see and feel this growth and expansion with every visit. A typical marker for such growth and development must surely be the increasing interest in luxury goods such as wristwatches, of which the AuroChronos watch festival, now in its 4th year, is a perfect example. More than just a celebration of luxury, the festival is dedicated to informing the public about horology in general, and for that reason it deserves the support of everyone who is interested in these mechanical works of art.

Theodore Diehl

Richard Mille

I was really impressed by the warm and friendly atmosphere between everybody, staff, exhibitors, added by an overarching passion for watches and watchmaking. I highly recommend the Aurochronos Festival (…) because it offers the perfect environment to experience and discover independent Watch brands from all over the world.

Michael Stuffler


A good chance to establish contacts with possible customers and companies.

Gianluca Traversa

Allemano Timepieces

AuroChronos is the only festival in Poland where you can see watches unavailable in Poland on a daily basis and talk to their creators. For larger, independent brands, it is an opportunity to present themselves to those who do not know them yet (…) Finally, which makes Aurochronos unique, is an incredibly friendly atmosphere built by the organizers, their relatives and friends supporting the organization.

Igor Pluciński


The event is unique in the scale of all watch events. Here, you can meet directly the person who knows everything about a given screw and mechanism. You come here for people (…)
who have a passion. (…) I think that AuroChronos Festival is a great opportunity to, at least once a year, come to Lodz!

Marcin Kasprzak

LOGO magazine

Great festival, lot of knowledgeable visitors. Friendly atmosphere and nice to meet so many true watch aficionados.

Øyvind Von Doren

Von Doren

(…) a great opportunity for watchmaking enthusiasts to meet, exchange and discover the latest trends in the field. The festival location is well chosen and Polish people are welcoming! The diversity of exhibitors is a strength and it will be a pleasure to come back.

Yvan Monnet

Yvan MonneT Genève

„I have participated in a lot of watch events but honestly, Aurochronos is in the top 5. The crew was really cool and everything has been well organized. I am looking forward to attending the second edition.”

Jonathan Kopp

Journalist, founder of Watchisthis Magazine

„It was a great adventure, we didn’t know what to expect. There was a warm welcome and it was clear that this event was very good organized. I had a lot of interest in my watches and had answered many questions. It was clear that this event was different. I had a great time and I would also thank the organizers for the great event which they have organized. I’m already looking forward to the next fair.”

Holke Dijkmann

Founder of Dijkman Watches

„A great idea for promoting contemporary watchmaking and emerging Polish and foreign brands. It is the best proof that even with modest means you can create a noteworthy event.”

Bogusław Kocerba

Administrator of “Czasoholicy” FB group

„AuroChronos Festival is a pioneering initiative on our domestic watch scene that opens the window to the inexhaustible world of the so-called microbrands. It gives Polish watch enthusiasts the opportunity to experience products that are hard to find on the market that dominated by popular brands”

Łukasz „Gondi” Grządziela

Administrator and co-founder of “Czasoholicy” FB group

„A well organised Exposition of very promising microbrands. Discover the future in horology here first!”

Kalle Slaap

Teacher in Watchmaking / Jury Member

„The Aurochronos watch festival was a great experience for me. As a newly founded microbrand, the feedback and overwhelming positive reactions gave me extra motivation to develop my business even more. Outstanding organisation and great cooperation between many exciting brands.”

Brendan Horneman

Founder of Kneijnsberg & van Eijk

„The exhibition as well as the city is amazing, the hosts did a wonderful job putting everything together; and as an exhibitor, the reception of the crowd couldn’t be better. Hopefully next year the scale of the exhibition will be bigger and attracts more micro brands to attend. But I’m definitely making the Aurochronos Festival my annual trip to Poland.”

Eric Yeh

Founder of Havaan Tuvali

„I am very happy and proud to have been able to participate in this first edition of Aurochronos. A fabulous moment full of encounters and organization at the top. Long live Aurochronos and a big thank you to the organizers.”

Filipe Silva

Founder of CreaWatch, now Filipe Silva

„Thanks for two enthusiastic men, Maciej and Paweł, I had great opportunity to join Aurochronos Festival in Lodz, Poland. I am amazed to meet many watchmakers from diverse cultures. And I had wonderful time in Poland where I received very warm welcome from local people. I can’t wait for coming to the festival next year.”

Steve Chan

Founder of Crafter Blue and Undive Watches Innovation

„I am already waiting for the next festival hoping that Dijkman Watches comes again!”

Sylwester Wasiak

Administrator of forum „Czwarty Wymiar”

„I would like to congratulate the organizers on the preparation of the whole event and thank them once again for the invitation to the festival. You did a great job – I hope to see you next year.”

Piotr Lipień

Cofounder of Premium Watch Service


We present to you
The name of the festival is a blend of two words and it expresses core values
we would like to convey:.

– an enormous, strong and wild ox whose posture commanded respect. It represents the strength, freedom and the perseverance needed in the constant struggle to make a mark in the watch market. For us, it embodies the valour of independent watchmaking and craftsmanship in creating uniqueness. It is also a symbol of rebirth and perseverance forging the exceptional character of brands both young and well established.

– a Greek god, personification of time and the symbol of creation. His representation is a symbol of passing time. For us, it is time to retum to the roots, the tradition of small independent manufactories with unique style and individuality. It is also a reference and tribute to the years of experience of brands which over centuries have remained true to their DNA and character.

The world of wristwatches has been dominated by large capital groups of the watch industry for many years. We respect these brands and admire their achievements. We understand, however, that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and therefore it is virtually impossible to cater to the needs and tastes of all consumers with universal solutions on a large scale.

Therefore, we would like to appreciate the fact that independent creators, being close to users and responding to their needs and expectations, can offer their clients truly unique designs, and we value this uniqueness. We also admire and support those companies that started as small,independent manufactures, and despite the development and reaching great sizes remained in the hands of one family or returned after many years to the hands of businessmen-enthusiasts.


We would like to appreciate the craftsmanship and creativity of the producers. That is why, in cooperation with our sponsors and members of the Jury, we will choose the best watches in respective categories. The winners will receive AuroChronos awards.


Independent Men’s Watch

Independent Women’s Watch

Premiere of the Year

Discovery of the Year

Grand Prix

Visitors' award of the bank PKO Bank Polski

Logo Magazine Award

Special Award of the Organizers


Let’s meet at Monopolis in Lodz, Poland on September  17th and 18th. Here, in the very center of Poland, we will spread knowledge about watches and time. Let’s discover and popularize good style and support independent watch brands together.

It will be the perfect place to see main producers from Poland, as well as many independent watchmaking brands from around the world and meet people behind them. During the Festival, you will be able to learn about the origins and development of remarkable watch companies and try on and purchase unique models of watches and accessories.

Exhibitors will not only have the unique opportunity to find potential business partners or distributors but, above all, to present themselves to a broad audience, raise awareness of their brands and gain new enthusiasts.

AuroChronos Festival will be a great opportunity to integrate the watch community.

This year, be in the right place and time. Come and visit the 4th International Festival of Independent Watch Brands – AuroChronos Festival 2022!

AuroChronos Festival 2022 – It’s time for Lodz

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