Reima Koivukoski - a Watchmaker, from Finland. He is also the winner of F.A. Lange Watchmaking Excellence Award 2015. After graduating from the Finnish school of watchmaking at year 2016 he wasted no time and flew to Austria where he started directly in prototyping under Richard Habring and then moved on to high-end servicing, training and team leading in Cologne, Germany to widen his skills. Currently also produces timepieces on commission which is his passion.
Kalle Slaap - A Watchmaker and a well-known Dutch micro-brands popularizer. Founder of the watchmaking school who conducts author trainings including those for owners and manufacturers of microbrands - Chronoglide Horlogemaker Online / Chronoglide Watchmaking Education
Theodore Diehl - Company Spokesman & Horologist of Richard Mille Watches; Author of " Kari Voutilainen: Horlogerie d'Art" ; A specialist on Independent Watchmaking with 25 years of experience in the industry
Karol Roman – Polish engineer, constructor and watchmaker. A graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology in the field of Precision Mechanics. Creator of numerous proprietary solutions in clocks construction. With his pseudo-Atmos clock and three-axis tourbillon clock with a mechanical energy accumulator, he boldly proves that Polish watchmaking is alive and kicking.
Dan Andrei Kluska - was always fascinated by watches from a young age. His first “real” watch was a hand-wound Russian Poljot which taught him the need to take care of it, wind it regularly and be careful with the shocks it takes. Born and raised in Romania, as an adult he moved to Germany to be closer to the watch industry. He started the Watch I Love blog at the end of 2014 and contributed to WatchIsThis blog and wrote for Deployant. These opportunities allowed him to learn a lot about different aspects of the industry. Visiting factories and watchmakers and talking directly to the people involved in the watchmaking process made him aware that writing about watches is the right thing to do. This way, Watch I Love project was reinvented.
Michał Wajsen - is passionate about product photography, especially his beloved watches. He is fascinated by timepieces from the USSR. Watchmaking industry of the former Soviet union is currently experiencing a renaissance. He focuses on collecting Soviet diving watches, but he has a large collection of other types as well. He learned to repair his watches out of necessity. He is one of the administrators of the "Czasoholicy" group. He is a pedagogue by education and has worked in educational and care institutions for many years. Currently, he is the deputy director of the Zespół Szkół Rzemiosła w Łodzi in Lodz.
Piotr Madetko is an advocate practicing the profession as a private practice in Kielce (Poland). A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. He provides services to business entities as well as deals with individual clients, including contract law, real estate law and family law. An eager watch enthusiast since early years, an amateur collector and a member of several watch groups. In addition to his passion for watches, he trains Kyokushin Karate and Krav Maga self defense system.

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