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Theodore Diehl Company Spokesman & Horologist of Richard Mille Watches; Author of " Kari Voutilainen: Horlogerie d'Art" ; A specialist on Independent Watchmaking with 25 years of experience in the industry

In alphabetic order:

Marc Andre Deschoux Passionate by watchmaking from an early age, Marc André Deschoux found a way of sharing his enthusiasm for this craft with the creation of TheWATCHES.tv in 2011. The goal was and still is to produce video reports that explain in a simple and understandable way what qualitative mechanical watchmaking is all about; from the crafts, manufactures, brands, history and of course the actual timepieces themselves, but always with a focus on the people behind these great achievement. Based in Geneva and with more than 100'000 subscriber on its YouTube channel, TheWATCHES.tv has become an appreciated reference when it comes to video content about watches and the skills associated.
Before this, Marc André has managed a group of suppliers of the watchmaking industry, an experience which lead him to better understand the watchmaking industry transversally. And this was followed by the set-up of a large audio-visual production company in Switzerland, working for TV's, cinema and advertising agencies. Combining both experiences was therefore just a logical way for him and begin an adventure where there are still so many stories to be told.
Marcin Kasprzak Editor-in-Chief of the Magazyn Logo. Previously, editor of magazines like Malemen, Playboy and Esquire. He is interested in the positioning of brands, national branding, passenger aviation and travelling with the largest possible number of transfers. He initiated the study "Pole's wardrobe", part of which was devoted to watches.
Bogusław Kocerba Watch collector and watch knowledge propagator. Administrator of the Czasoholicy Facebook group. The originator and coordinator of watch designs dedicated to the group (G. Gerlach, Balticus, Atlantic). Administrator of the Seiko Polska fan page
Jonathan Kopp Founder and Editor in Chief of Watchisthis Magazine, a high-end publication written passionately about watches priced 2500$ and below. Jonathan is also freelance writer for BBC News and business consultant specialized in the watch industry.
Maciej Kopyto The owner and editor-in-chief of the magazine Zegarki i Pasja. In private, a fan of mechanical watches, (especially produced in the 60's and 70's of the twentieth century) a tireless discoverer of the history of watchmaking and a collector of vintage timepieces and creator of the blog Manufaktura Czasu.
Kalle Slaap A Watchmaker and a well-known Dutch micro-brands popularizer. Founder of the watchmaking school who conducts author trainings including those for owners and manufacturers of microbrands - Chronoglide Horlogemaker Online / Chronoglide Watchmaking Education
Paulina Smaszcz-Kurzajewska Journalist and TV presenter, self-presentation and personal development trainer, mentor.
For over 17 years, she has been training individual board members and top managers, politicians, medical specialists, entrepreneurs, sales and individual business representatives, VIP clients and NGO’s representatives on Polish and European forums.
As the only Polish woman she was presented in the international publishing house GLOBAL INFLUENTIAL WOMEN
Michael Stuffler Michael „Mike" Stuffler worked for 42 years in the field of public order and safety (Federal Criminal Police Office) and was, among other things, working as a police liaison officer at the German Embassies in The Hague [Netherlands], Amman [Jordan] and London [GB]. Mike has been collecting wristwatches for almost 30 years, and in 2001 when seconded to The Hague he first became moderator of the Jörg Schauer & Stowa forum on WatchUSeek. Currently he's moderating the German Watches Forum and some German brands fora. Sharing the watch enthusiasm with Austin/Tx. based Bhanu Chopra, a freelance writer in the watch and luxury industry, Mike became a co-writer of Bhanu on WatchUSeek and FliegerFriday.

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