Gentleman's Corner
Gentleman's Corner

Watches are an attribute of every gentleman in the world. Thanks to our friends – two fantastic men – Tim Mureau and Phillip Schneidewind, we are able to introduce to you for the first time a couple of interesting brands from this domain of life.

Tim Mureau - born in Holland, always traveling around the world looking for the finest artisans. He’s having an interest for the all things handmade and can’t stop talking about beautiful watches and menswear. Worked in various menswear shops, as a sales representative for artisanal clothing manufacturers and now also active in watch and lifestyle journalism.
Philipp Schneidewind is the authority on men’s classic style in contemporary scenarios. He is an aficionado of the bow tie and three piece suits and has recently discovered the world of watchmaking for himself. Striving to influence people to put more creativity into their personal style is his mantra. You can follow his passion on Instagram @philipp_schneidewind and for the German speakers out there, there is also a YouTube channel @stilstabil which you should definitely check out!

Gentleman’s Corner will hopefully become a permanent part of the AuroChronos Festival. Please have a look at what lies in store for you at the Gentleman’s Corner:

Fabian Zug shoes

[Haltern am See, Germany]

Fabian Zug combines modern production technology with traditional shoe crafting. The 29-year-old skilled bespoke shoemaker can draw on the knowledge and experience of four generations in shoemaking.

During his training at bespoke shoemakers Vickermann & Stoya in Baden-Baden, he learned to meet the highest customer demands with diligence and precision. He was particularly enthusiastic about the processing of high-quality and individual materials.

He then moved to Berlin as a product developer for an innovative Shoe start-up. There, a new horizon of experience opened up for him: the combination of classic shoe craftsmanship and modern technology. Zug also made intensive trips to the shoe regions of Italy and got to know and love the country, the people and the shoe culture. In 2016, he took over the position of product manager at one of the largest shoe manufacturers in Germany in Pirmasens in the Palatinate. The industrial footwear industry gave Zug new insights into state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and brought it to some parts of the world as far as India. Inspired by family experiences, as well as 10 years of craft and industrial shoe manufacturing, in 2017 he founded his own label.

FABIAN ZUG stands for honest, solid craftsmanship. We offer classic, elegant shoes, which are completely developed and manufactured in the tradition of craftsmanship. Molds, tested for decades, are reinterpreted and offer both timeless design as well as optimal wearing comfort and high quality through the selection of the best raw materials.


Albert Borowiecki

[Warsaw, Poland]

I live in Warsaw and I am a fan of classic men's fashion with a bit of extravagance. For over seven years, I have been running one of the most popular men's fashion blogs in Poland However, less than a year ago, I decided to transform my passion into business and founded my own clothing brand whose flagship products are men's vests. The products that you can find in my store are designed by me and sewn in Poland. Currently, my store offers over twenty models of vests.


Camiceria Massimo Conforti

[Bergamo, Italy]

Camiceria Massimo Conforti is a small artisan company based in Bergamo (Italy) producing fine shirts. They are specialized in MTM (Made To Measure) shirts. They offer high quality shirts as well as best service to their customers. By service they mean that they personally go to the customers place, mainly their office, but occasionally houses as well, to both take measurements for new customers, and show fabrics for new shirts to existing customers.

The Massimo Conforti team has worked together for over 20 years. Everything is made by hand, they don't have anything automated. From cutting to ironing in their premises.

They are all committed to achieve the highest customer satisfaction.

They use Italian materials such as fabrics, buttons, yarns, etc. Their basic shirt is made by double-twisted fabric, mother of pearl buttons and English stitches.


Maximilian Mucska, bespoke tailors

[Bratislava, Slovakia]

Maximilian Mucska Tailors is a traditional tailoring salon in the centre of Bratislava. The salon is led by second generation of Mucska family that ensures the highest quality garments "Bespoke Tailoring". The strength of the Mucskas family salon stands on tradition, meticulous work, respecting clients and enthusiasm of two sons Patrick and Eric, who decided to continue building and maintaining the honest tailor's craft. The term "honest tailor´s craft" is understood by Maximilian Mucska Tailors as unique and thorough processing of your luxury clothing. Maximilian Mucska continues to work in the salon and with his acquired experience, which he gained over a lifetime, which is now an important element in the creation of unique bespoke tailored garments. Great reputation of our salon illustrates many years of experience of sewing theatrical costumes for major theatres in Europe.

Bespoke tailoring is the exceptional treatment of the garment. This means that from the choice of fabric, creating an original pattern based on customer's measurements and requirements, to the final version, the garment is done to suit specific client. After the initiation of sewing 3 fittings during which we make adjustments of all the details to obtain creation of the garment in that the client will look not only exceptionally, but also will feel comfortable all the time. The process of creating one garment takes 4 to 6 weeks. With Maximilian Mucska Tailors, you can have whatever you want. During our personal consultation, we emphasize the specific requirements of each client. Whether it's adjusting sleeve width according to customer's watch, creating internal pockets for goggle, phone or business cards. From hand embroidered buttonholes of contrasting colour to the buttons made of horn... simply to create a garment not only for your body but for your mind and personality as well.


Vecchio Anseatico, neckwear

[Hamburg, Germany]

Vecchio Anseatico strives to further enhance the excitement and enjoyment of wearing a suit by providing men with sustainable hand-made classic menswear accessories for an infallible style. Vecchio Anseatico was founded out of passion. A passion for classic menswear, which resists all fashion trends and rather focuses on excellent quality as well as subtle details.

We set our goal to share this passion with like-minded customers like you. People who shop responsibly and care about sustainable materials and manufacturing. People who are enthused by traditional artisanry and like products with charm and character. In short, people who won’t be satisfied with anything other than the very best.

Our credo “Classic Style – Modern Values” represents what we believe in.

Vecchio Anseatico is not regarded as a fashion brand but an institution for timeless style. Striking the fine line between established proportions and contemporary design cues we create classic menswear accessories that you will want to wear for many years to come.

In line with the above we strongly emphasize our all-around sustainability. It is ensured that all our products are made in Europe. We work together with a variety of small workshops where every item is carefully made by skillful artisans under the practice of traditional crafts. Furthermore, it is of utmost importance to us that these artisans receive adequate emoluments. Finally, we attach great importance to using natural fibers and raw materials exclusively.

Our collections are distinctively influenced by grand travels along the Côte d’Azur, through Tuscany towards the Amalfi coast. Major inspiration is also drawn from classic cars and motor sports, architecture as well as interior design.

We believe that good design must stand the test of time and can only be achieved with materials of highest grade. We design everything in-house which guarantees all our items to be original and unique in their ways. We do not shy away from working with unusual materials like our signature bamboo tie.

Our language is sleek and elegant thinking outside the box at the same time. We prefer products that become more interesting the longer you investigate them as opposed to accessories that compete for attention.



[New York, USA]

Sleevehead offers a fresh voice and welcoming community for makers, especially emerging artisans and tailors who have not been widely recognized, and their supporters. You might call us contrarian but we’re not rebelling for rebellion’s sake.

Not satisfied with fashion trends or conventional wisdom? You’ll find us sympathetic. Seeking an alternative voice and perspective in menswear, style and related topics? You’re in good company.




M&P Alkohole i Wina Świata


M&P Alkohole i Wina Świata (M&P Alcohols and Wines of the World) is a brand that has been on the market for over 19 years. We currently have 38 elegant salons with high-quality wines and strong alcohols; one prestigious Whisky&Cognac Club, direct sales offices and a team of sales representatives throughout Poland.

We import wines and spirits from almost all over the world. On the shelves of our salons you can find over 2,000 products which we import directly from producers. We have over 120 foreign suppliers and many Polish local alcohol suppliers. We also have 3 own vodka brands: Starosta and in Premium category: Pawlina and Dwór Polski.

We work with such significant producers as:

  1. In the Whiskey category: GlenScotia, Sprinbank, Loch Lomond and Kilchoman from Scotland, The Irishman from Ireland, Nikka from Japan, Paul John from India and Blanton's Bourbon from USA.
  2. In the wine category: Barone Ricasoli and Speri (Italy), Pascual Toso (Argentina), Tabali (Chile), Recanati (Israel), Brunel de la Gardine (France), Waipara West (New Zealand), PradoRey and Bodegas Farina (Spain ) and many others
  3. We also have 3 cognac houses, the best Mexican Tequila, Barcelo Rum from the Dominican Republic, grappa, liqueurs and vermouths, absinthe, calvados .... We work on the HoReCa market and in the B2B and B2C sectors. We have over 12 thousand regular individual clients. In the B2B sector, we are a supplier of many well-known and respected companies.






Gusswerk® stands for tradition.

We are conscious of the responsibility we have with respect to our past. With our premium Gusswerk products we honour and pay tribute to those pioneers, who contributed with their outstanding accomplishments and discoveries a great deal to our modern life today. Some of them gained everything with their actions, some lost everything and few of them even paid for their commitment and dedication with their lives. One nature, though, all of them have in common: Their discoveries and expeditions started in their heads and have been written down for posterity. With our premium writing utensils we accommodate this significant importance of writing.

Gusswerk® stands for innovation.

Alongside the traditional and classical impression of our products, we set high value on modern materials and technologies. Gusswerk products are manually treated and individually reviewed in order to conform to our high quality criteria. Thus, we consider our Gusswerk Fountain Pens being high-quality, persistent and reliable writing utensils that convey joy and a good feeling to its owner. With innovation we also feel the responsibility to establish ties between our long-standing past and modern, contemporary lives.

Gusswerk® stands for premium design.

The design of our products originates in the old language of forms. Based on this tradition we design classic and excellently crafted writing utensils. We attach great importance to timeless and linear interpretations of traditional design samples. Hence, each Gusswerk Pen is a classy and timeless utensil of superior design. Regardless how and what you write, write down your thoughts with a Gusswerk Fountain Pen and discover the discoverer in you!



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