Chairman of the jury
Władysław Meller - Master of Science, mechanical engineer with the specialty of Precision Instruments Design. His interest in watches and watchmaking was born in his childhood when he spent entire afternoons with his father at the watchmaking workshop. In the early nineties of the last century he co-founded the representation of Swiss watch companies on the Polish market. From 1999, he created a jewelry store in Warsaw, which since 2017 has been transformed into "odCzasu doCzasu" store that operates in CH Złote Tarasy. In 2003, he co-created the Club of Clock and Watch Lovers, and since the Club was transformed into a formal Association in 2009 he takes part in its activities. Editor and author of many works and studies, including: "10 years of the Club of Clock and Watch Lovers" or "Stop: watch. Watches and balancing sets from Błonie". His studies on watches and watchmaking appear in the columns devoted to the industry of various color magazines and Internet portals. He was the first editor-in-chief of the Zegarki i Pasja portal (www.zegarkiipasja.pl) since its beginning in 2014. He also regularly publishes there and he supports the editors of the portal and the printed quarterly with his professional knowledge.
Kalle Slaap – A Watchmaker and a well-known Dutch micro-brands popularizer. Founder of the watchmaking school who conducts author trainings including those for owners and manufacturers of microbrands.
Jonathan Kopp – Founder and Editor in Chief of Watchisthis Magazine, a high-end publication written passionately about watches priced 2500$ and below. Jonathan is also freelance writer for BBC News and business consultant specialized in the watch industry.
Arkadiusz Złotowski – A watchmaker and electronics engineer whose passion is aviation, electronics and watchmaking. If he hadn't become a watchmaker, he would definitely be a pilot. At work, he is guided by passion and love for watches, without which in his mind you cannot do this profession. He is constantly fascinated by the fact that the creators offer various functionalities cut out from half a kilogram of metal and how, without the use of ubiquitous electronics, a watch knows that February every four years is one day longer. He started his adventure with watches in 1994 working for the local network of watch sellers. In 1995 he started working on his own. In 2006, he was employed at the Swatch Group in Warsaw where he learned true watchmaking taking part in various trainings in Switzerland. It turned out to be a milestone in his career as in 2012 he decided to return to Łódź and transfer the best Swiss practices onto the local market.
Marcin Kasprzak - Editor-in-Chief of the LOGO magazine. Previously, editor of magazines like Malemen, Playboy and Esquire. He is interested in the positioning of brands, national branding, passenger aviation and travelling with the largest possible number of transfers. He initiated the study "Pole's wardrobe", part of which was devoted to watches.
Maciej Kopyto – The owner and editor-in-chief of the magazine Zegarki i Pasja. In private, a fan of mechanical watches, (especially produced in the 60's and 70's of the twentieth century) a tireless discoverer of the history of watchmaking and a collector of vintage timepieces and creator of the blog Manufaktura Czasu. He grew up in the period when the world was at the peak of fascination with quartz. He owes contact with traditional watchmaking to parents. When he got his first mechanical timepiece - quartz models ceased to exist. This fascination turned into passion that over the last few years has filled almost all of his free time. What is more, it has become his life philosophy related to the daily use of a mechanical watch.
Artur Cholewski – The originator, co-founder and administrator of "Czasoholicy" - the largest and most dynamically operating Polish Facebook group dedicated to watches. Professionally a manager in a bank and in private an enthusiast of vintage chronographs and a collector of sunglasses from the 1980s.

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